Scala Microservices (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka Scala Microservices

    Okładka książki Scala Microservices

    Okładka książki Scala Microservices

    Okładka książki Scala Microservices

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    Design, build, and run Microservices using Scala elegantly

    About This Book

    • Build robust microservices using Play Framework and Lagom
    • Model your data for highly interactive applications and scale using Event Sourcing & CQRS
    • Build applications that are resilient to failures by using Message Passing for communication
    • Deploy and manage Scala Microservices for scale by using docker containers with Kubernetes for orchestration

    Who This Book Is For

    It is assumed that the reader knows Scala or is proficient in a competent programming language such as Java, C#, Ruby, and so on, with some exposure to Scala. Some experience with writing web services would also be ideal but not mandatory.

    What You Will Learn

    • Learn the essentials behind Microservices, the advantages and perils associated with them
    • Build low latency, high throughput applications using Play and Lagom
    • Dive deeper with being asynchronous and understand the superiority it provides
    • Model your complex domain data for scale and simplicity with CQRS and Event Sourcing
    • Be resilient to failures by using message passing
    • Look at best practices of version control workflow, testing, continuous integration and deployments
    • Understand operating system level virtualization using Linux Containers. Docker is used to explain how containers work
    • Automate your infrastructure with kubernetes

    In Detail

    In this book we will learn what it takes to build great applications using Microservices, the pitfalls associated with such a design and the techniques to avoid them.

    We learn to build highly performant applications using Play Framework. You will understand the importance of writing code that is asynchronous and nonblocking and how Play leverages this paradigm for higher throughput. The book introduces Reactive Manifesto and uses Lagom Framework to implement the suggested paradigms. Lagom teaches us to: build applications that are scalable and resilient to failures, and solves problems faced with microservices like service gateway, service discovery, communication and so on. Message Passing is used as a means to achieve resilience and CQRS with Event Sourcing helps us in modelling data for highly interactive applications.

    The book also shares effective development processes for large teams by using good version control workflow, continuous integration and deployment strategies. We introduce Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestrator. Finally, we look at end to end deployment of a set of scala microservices in kubernetes with load balancing, service discovery and rolling deployments.

    Style and approach

    The book will step through each of the core microservice concepts in Scala, building an overall picture of their capabilities. This book adopts a systematic approach, allowing you to build upon what you've learnt in previous chapters. By the end of this book you'll have an understanding of the complex aspects of building microservices in Scala and will be able to take that knowledge with you into further projects.ng of the complex aspects of building Microservices in Scala and will be able to take that knowledge with you onto whatever project calls for it


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