React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript

    Okładka książki React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript

    Okładka książki React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript

    Okładka książki React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript

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    Your go-to guide to creating truly native iOS and Android mobile applications using React and JavaScript

    About This Book

    • Build cross-platform best seller native mobile applications in JavaScript with React-Native framework
    • Learn about real world examples like Whatsapp, Instagram or Twitter.
    • Learn all steps in React Native application development workflow from prototyping to deployment
    • Get familiar with various mobile APIs covered in React Native framework and learn how to extend it further to non-supported APIs

    Who This Book Is For

    This book is for JavaScript developers who want to learn how to create native mobile apps using React Native.

    What You Will Learn

    • Understand how React Native works under the hood and what makes it an ultimate choice for app development for lots of businesses.
    • Create real world native apps with complex animations and styles
    • Get familiar with important iOS and Android native APIs and access them using React Native
    • Learn authentication techniques and how to connect your app to a real data by using Firebase or your own server
    • Get familiar with lots of community packages considered as industry standard
    • Walk through the whole app development workflow by creating Twitter app clone from design to deployment.
    • Understand application release process to the Apple App Store and Google's Play Store

    In Detail

    The emergence of React Native has made creating mobile apps in JavaScript easier for developers. This book introduces you to the React Native framework and the mobile apps development process. It starts with how React Native fits into the world of hybrid apps, and why it's a popular framework. You'll learn how React Native works under the hood--compiling JavaScript to Native code to bridge JavaScript and native apps. Also, you'll learn how to write React Native components and use the ReactJS way of structuring your app. Understand how to use the industry standard Redux architecture as well as MobX--a newly emerging approach for state management--making your apps more robust and scalable.

    The mobile native world can be intimidating, with lots of platform-specific APIs. In this book, you'll learn about the most important APIs with help of the real-world examples. You'll also learn about the community packages that can help speed up your development. The book explains how to use these packages with JavaScript code, include native modules in your application, and write the modules yourself. Throughout the book, you will see examples of WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube apps and learn how to recreate them. You'll also learn debugging and testing techniques, authentication, dealing with real data, and much more.

    At the end we will walk through design to production process of Twitter app clone and will explain application release process to App Store and Play Store

    Style and approach

    This book gives you a solid foundation in building apps with React Native, from the basics to creating a fully functional Twitter clone! With industry best practices, plenty of code examples and complete projects to walk through.


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