Sexuality and Parenthood

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    Maturity in a relationship means that I understand I can't have it all, but I also understand that being with one person, I can have everything I need.

    Stop for a moment to think about your relationship and ask yourself a question: Do you want it to thrive? Do you want to find the time to be together with your partner to foster your relationship despite the daily grind and challenges awaiting you along the way? If your answer is "yes," this book has been written for you.

    Whether we like it or not, the responsibility of parenthood affects the bedroom intimacy.  We're more parents than we are partners. Practicing closeness and intimacy often has to give way or wait until our children grow bigger. This is how we often approach our new role as parents. But the authors of this book show us that it doesn't have to be that way and that being in a genuinely caring and intimate relationship isn't something we need to put off until retirement!

    The relationship you build is the project of your life. An intimate relationship with a partner is one of the most beautiful things a human being can experience, and a conversation with an intimate connection is the most fundamental tool to improve it.

    Zosia and Dawid Rzepeccy are life partners and therapists specializing in the development of intimate relationships. In this book, they focus on building a happy long-term relationship while being a parent. In their practice, they draw on Eastern philosophy and modern methods of psychotherapy.

    Natalia Fiedorczuk is a journalist, critically acclaimed author, and psychology educator. She's also  mom, partner, and a busybody.

    "In daily life Dawid and Zosia embody empowering and passionate deep loving partnership while navigating the joys, stress and pressures of family life.
    With these pages they give parents insights and hints to keep erotic connection not only alive but flourishing and expanding, making loving relationships the greatest adventure! A must read"
    --Diane and Kerry Riley, long-time tantra teachers, authors, and international speakers

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