Tapworthy. Designing Great iPhone Apps (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka Tapworthy. Designing Great iPhone Apps

    Okładka książki Tapworthy. Designing Great iPhone Apps

    Okładka książki Tapworthy. Designing Great iPhone Apps

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    So you've got an idea for an iPhone app -- along with everyone else on the planet. Set your app apart with elegant design, efficient usability, and a healthy dose of personality. This accessible, well-written guide shows you how to design exceptional user experiences for the iPhone and iPod Touch through practical principles and a rich collection of visual examples.

    Whether you're a designer, programmer, manager, or marketer, Tapworthy teaches you to "think iPhone" and helps you ask the right questions -- and get the right answers -- throughout the design process. You'll explore how considerations of design, psychology, culture, ergonomics, and usability combine to create a tapworthy app. Along the way, you'll get behind-the-scenes insights from the designers of apps like Facebook, USA Today, Twitterrific, and many others.

    • Develop your ideas from initial concept to finished design
    • Build an effortless user experience that rewards every tap
    • Explore the secrets of designing for touch
    • Discover how and why people really use iPhone apps
    • Learn to use iPhone controls the Apple way
    • Create your own personality-packed visuals
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