Dietary Handbook Without the yo-yo effect

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    If you are wondering how to lose weight permanently, there is a tip for that. First, you need to change your eating habits permanently. However, as you can easily guess, this is not the only thing losing weight is about. You also need to combine it with physical activity. The word 'diet' comes from the Greek and means a sensible lifestyle combining healthy eating with exercise.

    There are many diets that start out on top and then recede into the background because another one comes along. All these diets have one thing in common - they are 'lauded' as ideal, and previous ways of losing weight become useless and unnecessary methods. This is how carbohydrates, for example, have been approached, once as a cause of excess weight, and at other times as an ingredient for a slimmer figure. It was very similar with a nutrient such as fat. The enemies of fat - mainly sports people - said it was fattening, while its opponents, as the name suggests, were of a different opinion. They propounded the thesis that fat adds energy.

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