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    Web API Cookbook Joe Attardi - okładka ebooka

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    JavaScript gives web developers great power to create rich interactive browser experiences, and much of that power is provided by the browser itself. Modern web APIs enable web-based applications to come to life like never before, supporting actions that once required browser plug-ins. Some are still in an experimental stage, but many are ready for use today.

    With this hands-on cookbook, author Joe Attardi helps you explore the powerful APIs available in modern browsers and guides you through the specific tasks that they unlock. Because these features are web standards, there is comprehensive documentation available from trusted resources such as MDN Web Docs. The knowledge you'll gain is transferable across different companies and projects.

    • Learn the breadth of functionality available in modern browser APIs
    • Explore future APIs that are still in an experimental stage
    • Discover newer elements, such as dialog that replaces the need for a third-party library
    • Build more powerful and interactive web applications using native APIs
    • Understand the permissions model used by the browser to unlock functionality such as geolocation and push notifications

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