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    Okładka książki/ebooka Salesforce Lightning Cookbook

    Okładka książki Salesforce Lightning Cookbook

    Okładka książki Salesforce Lightning Cookbook

    Okładka książki Salesforce Lightning Cookbook

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    Over 25 recipes to help you design and test informative applications on the Salesforce Lightning platform

    Key Features

    • Learn Salesforce Lightning concepts from scratch.
    • Build scalable enterprise apps with Salesforce design guidelines and the CSS framework
    • Use Visualforce to build custom user interfaces for mobile and web apps

    Book Description

    The new Lightning Experience combines three major components—Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder, and Lightning Components—to enable anyone to quickly and easily create beautiful, modern enterprise apps. If you wish to meet the challenges that Lightning throws at you head-on, then look no further because this practical book will be your faithful companion and ensure that you make best use of the Lightning platform.

    The book starts by walking you through the three major Lightning Components and helps you enable and configure a Lightning solution. You will explore the art of working with standard components and build a basic layout for the application. Then, you will add more advanced components using the Lightning Framework. Finally, you will also build and migrate reports and dashboards to make your app look more professional. Towards the end of the book, you'll make use of Design System to work with Salesforce data and lay out the entire page with the components that you've built, before integrating Visualforce in your application.

    What you will learn

    • Enable and configure a Lightning solution
    • Create standard Lightning solutions and build a basic page layout
    • Add custom components to your Lightning pages
    • Build and migrate reports and dashboards
    • Integrate Lightning pages with Visualforce to enhance performance
    • Add stunning custom designs and styling with Lightning Design System

    Who this book is for

    This book is ideal for Salesforce developers, admins, sales consultants, and sales managers who are comfortable with using Lightning features to build basic apps. Experience with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML would be an advantage but not compulsory.


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