Learning Web App Development (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka Learning Web App Development

    Okładka książki Learning Web App Development

    Okładka książki Learning Web App Development

    Okładka książki Learning Web App Development

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    Grasp the fundamentals of web application development by building a simple database-backed app from scratch, using HTML, JavaScript, and other open source tools. Through hands-on tutorials, this practical guide shows inexperienced web app developers how to create a user interface, write a server, build client-server communication, and use a cloud-based service to deploy the application.

    Each chapter includes practice problems, full examples, and mental models of the development workflow. Ideal for a college-level course, this book helps you get started with web app development by providing you with a solid grounding in the process.

    • Set up a basic workflow with a text editor, version control system, and web browser
    • Structure a user interface with HTML, and include styles with CSS
    • Use JQuery and JavaScript to add interactivity to your application
    • Link the client to the server with AJAX, JavaScript objects, and JSON
    • Learn the basics of server-side programming with Node.js
    • Store data outside your application with Redis and MongoDB
    • Share your application by uploading it to the cloud with CloudFoundry
    • Get basic tips for writing maintainable code on both client and server


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