Learning Airtable

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    Learning Airtable Elliott Adams - okładka ebooka

    Learning Airtable Elliott Adams - okładka ebooka

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    Get a concise yet comprehensive overview of Airtable, one of the most versatile platforms to emerge from the no-code movement. Whether you're planning a new project, sharing data analysis within your organization, tracking a detailed initiative among stakeholders, or dealing with any other project that requires well-structured collaboration, this practical book shows you how Airtable is an accessible tool to tackle these challenges.

    Author Elliott Adams guides you through the process of structuring your data in a relational database, creating automations based on changes to data in Airtable, and building user-friendly interfaces for no-code applications. This showcases how Airtable is superior to the typical options of either non-developers using spreadsheets or making large investments in time-consuming application development.

    With this book, you will:

    • Learn how Airtable can reduce the need for custom-built applications
    • Use Airtable to replace internal tools such as spreadsheets
    • Build applications utilizing relational data--without any knowledge of software programming
    • Evaluate whether you can build a solution on Airtable rather than purchasing software
    • Understand the limitations of the Airtable platform when compared with writing a software application from scratch

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