Fluent React

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    Fluent React Tejas Kumar - okładka ebooka

    Fluent React Tejas Kumar - okładka ebooka

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    When it comes to building user interfaces on the web, React enables web developers to unlock a new world of possibilities. This practical book helps you take a deep dive into fundamental concepts of this JavaScript library, including JSX syntax and advanced patterns, the virtual DOM, React reconciliation, and advanced optimization techniques. By becoming fluent in React, you'll quickly learn how to build better web applications.

    Author Tejas Kumar helps you explore the depths of React in plain English, without the typical software engineering jargon, so you can more easily understand how this JavaScript library works. You'll learn how to write intuitive React code that fully understands the nuances and layers of React, unlocking a whole new level of fluency.

    You will:

    • Understand how React works at a deeper level
    • Write React apps while optimizing them along the way
    • Build resilient React applications that work well at arbitrary scale
    • Create React applications for other platforms adjacent to the web and mobile devices
    • Know when to reach for different mechanisms exposed by React, such as reducers versus state versus refs

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