Vegan Recipes 15 minutes. More than 40 vegan recipes for everyone

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    The ebook contains over 40 quick, simple and delicious recipes for everyone. You will find both: main courses and desserts in it. Additionally, you can learn how to prepare a home-made confectionery sleeve. All for the price of two coffees or one piece of cake in a cafe.


    EBOOK ‘VEGAN RECIPES 15 MINUTES’- quick vegan recipes


    The book was written for those who don’t have a lot of free time or who simply don’t like to stay in the kitchen for a long time, but who like to eat well. You will find more than 40 vegan diet recipes in it.


    What exactly does the e-book contain?

    • Over 40 quick vegan recipes for main courses, desserts, breakfasts and appetizers. 
    • Tips for spending less time in the kitchen while making your meals. 
    • Instructions for creating a home confectionery sleeve. 
    • Almost 100 pages of quick cooking knowledge and leads. 


    The ebook with fast and simple vegan recipes in 15 minutes is for:


    • people who like tasty meals, 
    • vegans, vegetarians, people limiting meat consumption, 
    • people who don’t like to stand in the kitchen for a long time or don’t have time for it, 
    • people who are interested in vegetable cooking, 
    • lovers of discovering new tastes and the best recipes. 


    If any of these points suit you, you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.


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