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    Table of Contents Issue 1-2/2020 (January-March) OPINION & ANALYSIS The West Berlins of our time An interview with Brian Whitmore The end of the belle époque Paweł Kowal A renewed strategic dialogue with Russia? A debate Putin has done nothing to deserve an extended hand from the West David J. Kramer France-Russia, a love-hate history Cyrille Bret To Macron or not to Macron? Liana Fix How not to be a useful idiot in relations with Russia Agnieszka Legucka A Grand Bargain. What would Russia want? Igor Gretskiy A clash of narratives Wojciech Michnik The battle of the USSR in Georgia rages on Beka Chedia Rough road ahead for Belarus Maxim Rust A real game changer in the region Adam Balcer Whats next for Ukraines oligarchs? Anton Naychuk God, luck and Viktor Orbán Edit Zgut The intervention in Kosovo revisited. Twelve lessons for the future Visar Xhambazi Illegitimate election observation and conflict resolution Daria Paprocka Russia and its Tatar diaspora in Europe Aleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik ART, CULTURE AND SOCIETY The drama of the Polish outsider Krzysztof Czyżewski The Swedish Academy and Peter Handke. Justice for whom? Joanna Hosa The revolution on the periphery and the reflection of 1989 in Slovakia Samuel Abrahám STORIES AND IDEAS No one will hear us if we scream Omar Marques Herzog continues puzzling love affair with Gorbachev Kristijan Fidanovski Azerbaijan. A new chapter? Anna Zamejc The Herculean task of saving Europes oldest spa town Elizabeth Short INFORMATION AND THE BATTLE FOR HEARTS AND MINDS The poisonous apple Wojciech Przybylski The role of a journalist in the age of disinformation Adam Lelonek Freedom and censorship in the post-truth era A debate during the 34th Days of Contemporary Art in Białystok HISTORY AND MEMORY Mostly annihilated Krisztián Ungváry and Márton Ványai EASTERN CAFÉ You can run, but can you hide? Luke Harding Devoted to the truth Paulina Siegień Forbidden love in a patriarchal society Eva Modebadze New dark times. A warning against the spread of Putinism Ostap Kushnir Ukraine 101 Margarita Novikova Discovering Paraska Horytsvit Mariia Kashchenko

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    Krzysztof Czyżewski, Agnieszka Legucka, Adam Balcer, Aleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik, Wielu Autorów, Wojciech Przybylski, Adam Lelonek - pozostałe książki

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