Linkerd: Up and Running

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    Linkerd: Up and Running Jason Morgan,  Flynn - okładka ebooka

    Linkerd: Up and Running Jason Morgan,  Flynn - okładka ebooka

    Linkerd: Up and Running Jason Morgan,  Flynn - okładka audiobooka MP3

    Linkerd: Up and Running Jason Morgan,  Flynn - okładka audiobooks CD

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    With the massive adoption of microservices, operators and developers face far more complexity in their applications today. Service meshes can help you manage this problem by providing a unified control plane to secure, manage, and monitor your entire network. This practical guide shows you how the Linkerd service mesh enables cloud-native developers—including platform and site reliability engineers—to solve the thorny issue of running distributed applications in Kubernetes.

    Jason Morgan and Flynn draw on their years of experience at Buoyant—the creators of Linkerd—to demonstrate how this service mesh can help ensure that your applications are secure, observable, and reliable. You'll understand why Linkerd, the original service mesh, can still claim the lowest time to value of any mesh option available today.

    • Learn how Linkerd works and which tasks it can help you accomplish
    • Install and configure Linkerd in an imperative and declarative manner
    • Secure interservice traffic and set up secure multicluster links
    • Launch a zero trust authorization strategy in Kubernetes clusters
    • Organize services in Linkerd to override error codes, set custom retries, and create timeouts
    • Use Linkerd to manage progressive delivery and pair this service mesh with the ingress of your choice

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