Learning Digital Identity

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    Learning Digital Identity Phillip J. Windley - okładka ebooka

    Learning Digital Identity Phillip J. Windley - okładka ebooka

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    Why is it difficult for so many companies to get digital identity right? If you're still wrestling with even simple identity problems like modern website authentication, this practical book has the answers you need. Author Phil Windley provides conceptual frameworks to help you make sense of all the protocols, standards, and solutions available and includes suggestions for where and when you can apply them.

    By linking current social login solutions to emerging self-sovereign identity issues, this book explains how digital identity works and gives you a firm grasp on what's coming and how you can take advantage of it to solve your most pressing identity problems. VPs and directors will learn how to more effectively leverage identity across their businesses.

    This book helps you:

    • Learn why functional online identity is still a difficult problem for most companies
    • Understand the purpose of digital identity and why it's fundamental to your business strategy
    • Learn why "rolling your own" digital identity infrastructure is a bad idea
    • Differentiate between core ideas such as authentication and authorization
    • Explore the properties of centralized, federated, and decentralized identity systems
    • Determine the right authorization methods for your specific application
    • Understand core concepts such as trust, risk, security, and privacy
    • Learn how digital identity and self-sovereign identity can make a difference for you and your organization

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