Hacker Culture A to Z

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    Hacker Culture A to Z Kim Crawley - okładka ebooka

    Hacker Culture A to Z Kim Crawley - okładka ebooka

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    Hacker culture can be esoteric, but this entertaining reference is here to help. Written by longtime cybersecurity researcher and writer Kim Crawley, this fun reference introduces you to key people and companies, fundamental ideas, and milestone films, games, and magazines in the annals of hacking. From airgapping to phreaking to zombie malware, grasping the terminology is crucial to understanding hacker culture and history.

    If you're just getting started on your hacker journey, you'll find plenty here to guide your learning and help you understand the references and cultural allusions you come across. More experienced hackers will find historical depth, wry humor, and surprising facts about familiar cultural touchstones.

    • Understand the relationship between hacker culture and cybersecurity
    • Get to know the ideas behind the hacker ethos, like "knowledge should be free"
    • Explore topics and publications central to hacker culture, including 2600 Magazine
    • Appreciate the history of cybersecurity
    • Learn about key figures in the history of hacker culture
    • Understand the difference between hackers and cybercriminals

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    O autorze ebooka

    Kim Crawley is a thought leader in cybersecurity, from pentesting to defensive security, and from policy to cyber threat research. For nearly a decade, she has contributed her research and writing to the official corporate blogs of AT&T Cybersecurity, BlackBerry, Venafi, Sophos, CloudDefense, and many others. She has been an internal employee of both Hack The Box and IOActive, a leading cybersecurity research firm.
    With the hacker mindset, she hacked her way into various information security subject matters. She co-authored one of the most popular guides to pentester careers on Amazon, The Pentester Blueprint, with Philip Wylie for Wiley Tech. She wrote an introductory guide to cybersecurity for business, 8 Steps to Better Security, which was also published by Wiley Tech. She also wrote Hacker Culture: A to Z for O’Reilly Media.
    To demonstrate her knowledge of cybersecurity operations, she passed her CISSP exam in 2023. In her spare time, she loves playing Japanese RPGs and engaging in social justice advocacy. She’s always open to new writing, research, and security practitioner opportunities.

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