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    Contents IN MEMORIAM Bartłomiej Krzan: Professor Jan Kolasa (1926-2016), doi: 10.7420/pyil2016a, pp. 11-18; GENERAL ARTICLES Roman Kwiecień: The "Nicaragua" Judgement and the Use of Force 30 Years Later, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016b, pp. 21-36; Michał Kowalski: Original Sin Reaffirmed: The Nicaragua Judgements Impact on the Notion of Armed Attack as the Most Grave Form of the Use of Force, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016c, pp. 37-50; François Finck: The State between Fact and Law: The Role of Recognition and the Conditions under which It Is Granted in the Creation of New States, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016d, pp. 51-81; Wojciech Burek: Family Reunification Regulations and Women: The Perspective of International Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016e, pp. 83-108; Athanasios Yupsanis: Cultural Autonomy for Minorities in the Baltic States, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation: A Dead Letter, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016f, pp. 109-135; Anna Karapetyan: A Recurring Phenomenon: The Lawful Sanctions Clause in the Definition of Torture and the Question of Judicial Corporal Punishment under International Human Rights Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016g, pp. 137-161; Aleksandra Rychlewska: The Nullum Crimen Sine Lege Principle in the European Convention of Human Rights: The Actual Scope of Guarantees; doi: 10.7420/pyil2016h, pp. 163-186. CONTENTS Petra Bárd: Scrutiny over the Rule of Law in the European Union, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016i, pp. 187-208; Joanna Ryszka: Social Dumping and Letterbox Companies Interdependent or Mutually Exclusive Concepts in European Union Law?, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016j, pp. 209-229; Dominik Horodyski, Maria Kierska: Enforcement of Emergency Arbitrators Decisions under Polish Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016k, pp. 230-244. POLISH PRACTICE IN INTERNATIONAL LAW Dorota Pyć: Compliance and Enforcement of Maritime Labour Conditions The Polish Legal Perspective, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016l, pp. 247-255; Grzegorz Wierczyński: The Polish Practice Regarding the Promulgation of International Agreements between 1945 and 2017, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016m, pp. 258-266; Agata Kleczkowska: Judgement of the Supreme Court, dated 17 February 2016 (Ref. no. WA 16/15), doi: 10.7420/pyil2016n, pp. 267-276. BOOK REVIEWS Kaja Kowalczewska: William H. Boothby, Weapons Law and The Law of Armed Conflict, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016o, pp. 279-282; Bartłomiej Krzan: M. Ruffert, C. Walter, Institutionalised International Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016p, pp. 283-286; Roman Kwiecień: Robert Kolb, Peremptory International Law Jus Cogens, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016q, pp. 287-290; Marcin Menkes: Eugene Kontorovich, Francesco Parisi (eds.), Economic Analysis of International Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016r, pp. 291-294; Marcin Menkes: Marc-William Palen, The Conspiracy of Free Trade, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016s, pp. 295-298. LIST OF REVIEWERS (vol . 36/2016), pp. 299-300.


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