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    Michael Cummings is a Senior Development Engineer with Microsoft. He currently works on the Visual Studio tooling for building WPF, Xamarin.Forms, and .NET MAUI apps. He has experience as a developer and architect with concentrations in app development, design, deployment, and business process as it relates to technology. Michael has been a graphics and game programmer since the days of the TI99-4/A. He started the Boston XNA Developers Group. He has contributed to many open-source projects, including AXIOM, a .NET/Mono 3D rendering engine, and Planeshift, a 3D MMORPG. Michael also has experience with native game and graphics development (C++/DirectX) on Windows. Michael lives in Lexington, MA with his wife and their dog. When not working with technology he enjoys watching movies, trying out new recipes, and the occasional game of full-contact racquetball.
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