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    Alim H. Ali (CCIE 2x #36988, CISSP #34527, CCSI #32568) has a career spanning over 28 years at the forefront of technological innovation. He is a distinguished figure in the IT industry. As a 2xCCIE and CISSP, Alim combines deep technical expertise with visionary leadership, and he currently serves as the CEO of Asancha Corp.
    Alim's academic journey laid the foundation for an illustrious career, starting with a BS in bioengineering from the New York Institute of Technology and an MS in management of technology from New York University. His pursuit of knowledge is ongoing, as he is currently working toward an MBA and a PhD in IT.
    Throughout his career, Alim has been a dynamic force across various industry verticals, including oil and gas, global telecoms, financial services, finance, and healthcare. His tenure at Fortune 100 giants such as HP/HPE, VMware, Accenture, and Verizon has identified him as a thought leader, innovator, and visionary in the field.
    As an industry technologist at heart, Alim is known for his groundbreaking work in IT networking, cloud and data infrastructure, edge computing, high-performance computing, application modernization, and security adaptation. His visionary approach and relentless pursuit of next-generation IT solutions have positioned him as a key influencer and strategic thinker in the field.
    Furthermore, Alim aspires to share his insights and expertise on global platforms such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News, and MSN as a sought-after analyst. His goal is to contribute to broader conversations about technology and business, providing valuable perspectives on emerging trends and innovations.
    Above all, Alim is celebrated for his ability to demystify complex technical concepts into strategic business solutions, driving industry progress and shaping the future of technology.
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