When mountains scream

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    Central Europe, Beskidy Highlands, Present Day When Tom Dubiel, a teenage boy, vanishes in the highland woods around Szczyrk, inspector Alex Dunaj has no idea what forces he is about to go up against. An ancient cave complex beneath Klimczok Peak conceals buried secrets which should never come to light. Meet Magda Flis, a womans whose supernatural gifts will alter the course of local and cosmic histories. Who will be able to tame their own demons and who will fail to see and avert disasters looming over centuries?

    Discover a world in which illusion and reality clash, become entangled and take us on a journey between worlds to meet the Sage With Three Faces. Featuring protagonists of all ages, sexes and backgrounds, MOUNTAINS SCREAM is a novel which weaves history, adventure, love, hate, addiction and desire together into a wild rollercoaster ride of a book.

    This second novel by Paweł Sylwester Więzik, author of his successful debut HIGHLAND SHIVERS / DRESZCZE BESKIDÓW, offers an exciting mix of horror, crime thriller, fantasy and coming of age stories. Delve into the valleys and peaks around Szczyrk, learn how local histories connect this place to distant

    African lore, and take a wild ride into the unknown to discover how the forces which govern our world are connected to places and dimensions far, far from our own.

    Książka wydana przez Paweł Sylwester Więzik, Wydawnictwo Hm... zajęło się dystrybucją ebook.

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