The Sea Lady (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

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    This charming, little-known fantasy by the author of The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds is also a sharply satirical look at the mores and moral of Edwardian England. During a family outing at the beach a family sees a young woman struggling further out in the water. Its only when they rescue her that they see that shes a mermaid. They quickly take her into the beach house, still unaware that the mermaid has planned the whole incident in order to meet a young man. Her motives are not quite clear; nor are her intentions of what she plans to do with the young man after she gets him, since she lives beneath the sea. On occasion she drops her guard and lets it be known she is death underwater. Will she be stopped in time from committing this dastardly deed? The Sea Lady takes a pretty good subject mermaid turned siren in proper British society and totally drops the ball.


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