Homes of the Homeless. A Study of Life in Crisis (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

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    The book presents the image of home as experienced and expressed by the men and women who are affected by the crisis of homelessness and live in specialized institutions. The author presents her own experience in carrying out research in total institutions and, above all, she focuses on describing and interpreting the stories of people from homeless centers who speak about the ups and downs of their lives. The researcher draws her attention on the stereotypically idealised image of home, which shows its real face when it is seen as a social construct, taking into account the gender perspective as well as other cultural and individual contexts. The book is addressed to people who have a social sensibility; to people working with and for the men and women who are affected by the homelessness crisis; who work and/or managed the aid centers and who are also the volunteers in different type of institutions and associations addressed for the people in need; to the students of social and humanistic science.


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