Hands-On Robotics with JavaScript (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka Hands-On Robotics with JavaScript

    Okładka książki Hands-On Robotics with JavaScript

    Okładka książki Hands-On Robotics with JavaScript

    Okładka książki Hands-On Robotics with JavaScript

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    Leverage Raspberry Pi 3 and different JavaScript platforms to build exciting Robotics projects

    Key Features

    • Build robots that light up and make noise
    • Learn to work with Raspberry Pi 3 and JavaScript
    • Connect your Johnny-Five projects to external APIs and create your own IoT

    Book Description

    There has been a rapid increase in the use of JavaScript in hardware and embedded device programming. JavaScript has an effective set of frameworks and libraries that support the robotics ecosystem.

    Hands-On Robotics with JavaScript starts with setting up an environment to program robots in JavaScript. Then, you will dive into building basic-level projects such as a line-following robot. You will walk through a series of projects that will teach you about the Johnny-Five library, and develop your skills with each project. As you make your way through the chapters, you'll work on creating a blinking LED, before moving on to sensors and other more advanced concepts. You will then progress to building an advanced-level AI-enabled robot, connect their NodeBots to the internet, create a NodeBots Swarm, and explore MQTT.

    By the end of this book, you will have gained hands-on experience in building robots using JavaScript

    What you will learn

    • Install and run Node.js and Johnny-Five on Raspberry Pi
    • Assemble, code, and run an LED project
    • Leverage JavaScript libraries to build exciting robots
    • Use sensors to collect data from the world around you
    • Employ servos and motors to make your project move
    • Add internet capabilities to your Johnny-Five project

    Who this book is for

    Hands-On Robotics with JavaScript is for individuals who have prior experience with Raspberry Pi 3 and like to write sketches in JavaScript. Basic knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js will help you get the most out of this book.


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