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    Łukasz Olczyk
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    Every time I go to speak at the conference, I can see the same pattern repeating, over and over again. When I ask the audience to raise their hands if their companies are Agile, it’s rare for anyone not to do so. Apparently, working this way became a new standard.

    It is a good thing, without a doubt.

    There’s a caveat, though. When I do some consulting projects with the very same companies, I see an odd dichotomy. They have Agile on their banners, their people pride with medieval-style job names, and almost everybody around has some sort of relevant certification listed in their LinkedIn profile. At the same time, these companies can hardly experience any tangible business outcomes out of Agile, even though they often invest considerate effort and money to get there.

    Now, that makes no sense.

    In this short e-book, I share my view on why that happens and give you specific tools to improve the situation.

    Read it and make Agile great again!


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