Annual Conferences in Analytic and Algebraic Geometry have been organized by Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Łódź since 1980. Until now, proceedings of these conferences (mainly in Polish) have comprised educational materials describing current state of a branch of mathematics, new approaches to known topics, and new proofs of known results (http://konfrogi.math.uni.lodz.pl/).
    The volume include new results and survey articles concerning real and complex alge-braic geometry, singularities of curves and hypersurfaces, invariants of singularities (the Milnor number, degree of C0-sufficiency), algebraic theory of derivations and others topics.
    English translation of the Polish version of an article by Stanisław Łojasiewicz (1926-2002) devoted to the famous Hironaka theorem on resolution of singularities. It contains his original approach to the problem in the case of curves and coherent analytic sheaves on 2-dimensional manifolds. This interesting article has not yet been available in English.
    The volume is dedicated to the memory of Stanisław Łojasiewicz. We are deeply indebt-ed to him for introducing the topics of analytic and algebraic geometry in the Łódź mathematical centre.

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