Mastering XenApp

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    Mastering XenApp Sunny Jha - okładka ebooka

    Mastering XenApp Sunny Jha - okładka ebooka

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    Citrix(R) XenApp(R) is one of the leading pieces of Application delivery software that delivers Windows compatible apps to users on any device, anywhere. Citrix(R) XenApp(R) also gives administrators the ability to manage and control the freedom of mobility by increasing the security and saving costs at the same time.

    This book will provide you with all the knowledge required to successfully deploy and master a complete Citrix(R) hosted application. First, it will cover essential concepts of the architecture of XenApp(R). You will then learn how to set up Hypervisor and how to set up Infrastructure components. Next you will learn how to Set up Citrix(R) Components, XenApp(R) resources, PVS, and Netscaler. We will further look at how to prepare the environment for Rollout. Additionally, you will learn how to configure the Citrix(R) components such as Citrix(R) Director. Moreover, you'll learn about shared desktop for delivery to end users and the application of policies for effective and secure delivery. Finally, you will learn how to implement provisioning services for a Citrix(R) XenApp(R) 7.6 environment.

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