Go Systems Programming (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka Go Systems Programming

    Okładka książki Go Systems Programming

    Okładka książki Go Systems Programming

    Okładka książki Go Systems Programming

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    Learning the new system's programming language for all Unix-type systems

    About This Book

    • Learn how to write system's level code in Golang, similar to Unix/Linux systems code
    • Ramp up in Go quickly
    • Deep dive into Goroutines and Go concurrency to be able to take advantage of Go server-level constructs

    Who This Book Is For

    Intermediate Linux and general Unix programmers. Network programmers from beginners to advanced practitioners. C and C++ programmers interested in different approaches to concurrency and Linux systems programming.

    What You Will Learn

    • Explore the Go language from the standpoint of a developer conversant with Unix, Linux, and so on
    • Understand Goroutines, the lightweight threads used for systems and concurrent applications
    • Learn how to translate Unix and Linux systems code in C to Golang code
    • How to write fast and lightweight server code
    • Dive into concurrency with Go
    • Write low-level networking code

    In Detail

    Go is the new systems programming language for Linux and Unix systems. It is also the language in which some of the most prominent cloud-level systems have been written, such as Docker. Where C programmers used to rule, Go programmers are in demand to write highly optimized systems programming code.

    Created by some of the original designers of C and Unix, Go expands the systems programmers toolkit and adds a mature, clear programming language. Traditional system applications become easier to write since pointers are not relevant and garbage collection has taken away the most problematic area for low-level systems code: memory management.

    This book opens up the world of high-performance Unix system applications to the beginning Go programmer. It does not get stuck on single systems or even system types, but tries to expand the original teachings from Unix system level programming to all types of servers, the cloud, and the web.

    Style and approach

    This is the first book to introduce Linux and Unix systems programming in Go, a field for which Go has actually been developed in the first place.


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