Drupal 8 Quick Start Guide (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka Drupal 8 Quick Start Guide

    Okładka książki Drupal 8 Quick Start Guide

    Okładka książki Drupal 8 Quick Start Guide

    Okładka książki Drupal 8 Quick Start Guide

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    Your step by step guide with easy to follow instructions for navigating Drupal 8

    Key Features

    • Build a great Drupal website easily
    • How to structure, create and maintain different types of content
    • Design roles for secure editing of your site

    Book Description

    Drupal is a powerful content management platform, ?exible enough to accommodate almost any content requirements. This ?exibility comes with a cost: complexity. Drupal 8 Quick Start Guide will clear your path from installation to a building usable site in minutes, and to a customized site in one sitting.

    You will begin with installation of Drupal and going through the main sections of the Drupal UI. Then, you will create a content type that describes its content, which simplifies the act of creating and editing the actual content later. You will learn about user roles, using real-world examples. This will help you to learn how to design roles, and how to assign appropriate permissions to them. Next, you will learn to use the WYSIWYG editor, configure it for other roles, navigate the various fields on the content creation form, and publish content.

    To begin to appreciate the ?exibility and expandability of Drupal, you will make use of popular content-focused modules that extend Drupal's power. You will learn how to expand your market to other readers directly and through other sites by configuring content and UI translations and creating a View that provides an RSS feed. Finally, you will put everything together by customizing the home page for your new website.

    What you will learn

    • Create and customize Drupal structures, such as menus, tags, and content categories
    • Extend Drupal's capabilities with add-on modules
    • Administer site users, their roles, and the actions to which they are granted access
    • Understand user roles and permissions
    • Create, edit, and publish content
    • Use Views for custom content selection and display
    • Expand your audience with custom RSS feeds
    • Configure a home page with meaningful sections for a better UX

    Who this book is for

    This book is for content administrators, developers, site builders and administrators who are new to Drupal 8.


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