Big Data Architect's Handbook (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook) Książka w języku angielskim

    Okładka książki/ebooka Big Data Architect's Handbook

    Okładka książki Big Data Architect's Handbook

    Okładka książki Big Data Architect's Handbook

    Okładka książki Big Data Architect's Handbook

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    A comprehensive end-to-end guide that gives hands-on practice in big data and Artificial Intelligence

    Key Features

    • Learn to build and run a big data application with sample code
    • Explore examples to implement activities that a big data architect performs
    • Use Machine Learning and AI for structured and unstructured data

    Book Description

    The big data architects are the “masters” of data, and hold high value in today's market. Handling big data, be it of good or bad quality, is not an easy task. The prime job for any big data architect is to build an end-to-end big data solution that integrates data from different sources and analyzes it to find useful, hidden insights.

    Big Data Architect's Handbook takes you through developing a complete, end-to-end big data pipeline, which will lay the foundation for you and provide the necessary knowledge required to be an architect in big data. Right from understanding the design considerations to implementing a solid, efficient, and scalable data pipeline, this book walks you through all the essential aspects of big data. It also gives you an overview of how you can leverage the power of various big data tools such as Apache Hadoop and ElasticSearch in order to bring them together and build an efficient big data solution.

    By the end of this book, you will be able to build your own design system which integrates, maintains, visualizes, and monitors your data. In addition, you will have a smooth design flow in each process, putting insights in action.

    What you will learn

    • Learn Hadoop Ecosystem and Apache projects
    • Understand, compare NoSQL database and essential software architecture
    • Cloud infrastructure design considerations for big data
    • Explore application scenario of big data tools for daily activities
    • Learn to analyze and visualize results to uncover valuable insights
    • Build and run a big data application with sample code from end to end
    • Apply Machine Learning and AI to perform big data intelligence
    • Practice the daily activities performed by big data architects

    Who this book is for

    Big Data Architect's Handbook is for you if you are an aspiring data professional, developer, or IT enthusiast who aims to be an all-round architect in big data. This book is your one-stop solution to enhance your knowledge and carry out easy to complex activities required to become a big data architect.


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